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John Bean Alignment

Maximize Tire Life - Keep Your Wheels Aligned

Wheel Alignment in Citrus Heights, CA

Tire King is committed to providing you with the best tire and wheel service. That's why we use the John Bean Zero Clearance Wheel Alignment Machine for fast and precise service. Our state-of-the-art equipment improves our turnaround time, so you spend less time waiting.

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We serve Citrus Heights, CA, Sacramento, CA, Roseville, CA, and surrounding areas.

When Do I Need a Wheel Alignment?

When your vehicle is out of alignment, there are a few telltale signs. The first is irregular tire wear. Because your tire and wheel assemblies aren't in the factory designated position, the tires drag or scrub across the road while you drive.

An alignment will improve tire life, so you won't need to replace your tires as fast as you would when driving a misaligned vehicle.

Another sign of an alignment problem is whether or not you can keep your vehicle driving straight. If your car or truck has a tendency to pull to the left or right of the lane, then you may need a wheel alignment.

Finally, you should ask for an alignment check whenever you install new tires. Your tires aren't the least expensive purchase you'll make for your car, so you need to make sure you're set up to get the best life and performance out of them from the start.

Why Is My Vehicle Out of Alignment?

There are two primary causes of misalignment. The first is colliding with something (this includes hitting a pothole hard). The second is vehicle age. As the years pass, suspension parts age and become loose. This can cause misalignment.

About John Bean

  • John Bean became a pioneer in the automotive industry after developing pressure pumps on some of the first-ever fire trucks.
  • Bean’s innovative technologies developed alongside growing demands and automotive needs. The first dynamic wheel balancer was introduced in 1934.
  • In 1947, the John Bean Visualiner became the first optically based alignment machine in the world. This advancement in technologies and productivity became an industry standard.

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Do you need a wheel alignment in Citrus Heights, CA?

Visit Tire King for a John Bean alignment. We pair quality equipment with knowledgeable technicians to provide the best wheel alignment services for our customers. If you have any questions or would like to talk with a member of our staff, call 916-721-TIRE or contact us online today.

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